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A Special Visit

Kenny is all smiles because he gets to spend some quality time with one of his favorite four-legged creatures, Smokey the Dog!

Smokey visits UCP of Suffolk's two children's residential homes once a month. Smokey's owner, Bobby Reed, said that he is happy to give back to UCP of  Suffolk. "I do this because my daughter used the services of UCP of  Suffolk for many years," he said. "This organization has done so much for her."

Smokey and Reed have been visiting UCP of Suffolk's residential houses for about a year. During one of Smokey's recent visits to one of the homes, children laughed as the dog interacted with them.

"I really think that Smokey relaxes the kids and that they really enjoy him," Marie Herley, a Recreation Therapist said. "A dog will give a new dynamic to the room."

Reed agreed. "The visits open them up to a new experience," he said. "They overcome their fears, they become calmer and they laugh, which is always a beautiful thing."

*Pet therapy (visits) decreases feelings of isolation and alienation, encourages communication, provides comfort and increases socialization according Pet Partners, an organization with a mission to demonstrate and promote positive human-animal therapy, activities and education.

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