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To advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.



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Brushstrokes: A Vehicle of Expression

The Brushstrokes Program at UCP Suffolk helps to foster remarkable creativity from artists with limited communication or physical abilities. The program, in which more than 25 individuals participate, offers an avenue for artists to express their thoughts, feelings and dynamic personalities.

Many of the artists have been painting for years while others have painted for a few months. Most hold brushes by hand, while others use their head pointers or other adaptive devices.

Each artist has his or her own distinct style and vision, and whatever their favorite medium (acrylic, watercolors, or pen and ink) or skill level, their works affirm the power and passion of individual creativity.

The artists have displayed their works at local exhibits and auctions, and have entered juried shows and won awards. Some paintings have been featured in UCP Suffolk calendars, holiday and note cards, and gifted, by the artists, to special friends of the organization. The artists are currently painting flowerpots that will serve as centerpieces for the 2015 Luncheon and Fashion Show at Oheka Castle on September 10th.

Artist Rolf said that the Brushstrokes Program has been beneficial to himself and to his fellow painters. "It helps us express ourselves through the arts and helps everyone to become more creative."


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