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The Sensations Perform at VOXX International

The Sensations Perform at VOXX International

VOXX International employees were treated to a live performance by some of UCP of Long Island’s most talented participants.

The Sensations, a group of 45 individuals with disabilities, performed an array of songs at VOXX International headquarters in Hauppauge on July 14th. ┬áThe audience sang along to tunes such as “I Feel Good,” lead by member Lance who impersonated James Brown. Sensations member David also shared his beautiful poem, “Brilliant Star.”

Mary Beth Cecchini, a VOXX International employee, cried as member Toni Ann sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland. “They were just wonderful and I loved their performance,” Cecchini explained. “I was very touched.”

In addition to performing in the community, The Sensations learn how to increase their communication skills by using sign language, facial expressions and body gestures. They also explore proper breathing techniques, the benefits of movement and the importance of being healthy.

The group ended their show with a performance of “New York, New York,” by Frank Sinatra. They received a standing ovation from a delighted audience.

Michelle, a member of the Sensations, said she enjoyed the experience. “I’m happy that everyone enjoyed what we did,” she smiled.

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